Organize your closet with our closet extensions, fashion organizers, handbag organizers and more! Innovations from Sweden by FASHION BITCH™. Products branded FASHION BITCH™ are created by B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer Maria Hartzell from Stockholm, Sweden.

Every product has a its own story of origin, created and designed with passion.



We get questions all the time! We love that! We have therefore summed up some frequently asked questions.

We believe in individuality, authenticity and being proud. And of course - fashion is fun!

How long did it take to invent the products, set up the company and production?
Product invention and product development took about two years. Set up company and production one year. It is a lifestyle to be an inventering and entrepreneur.

When was the idea to create products for Fashion Bitch first started?
One winter morning I stood in-front of a full closet, but I have nothing to wear… How is this possible? And I knew that I was not alone!

How did you come up with the name FASHION BITCH?

A powerful brainstorming session took place how to transform an idea on how to seek out individuality, authenticity, being proud, making powerfull decisions in life and finding a way to share it. This is Fashion Bitch!

How did you get the patent rights to the Handbag Organizer?
The handbag organizer was invented and patented by Stina-Lisa Öhlund. She shared her idea with Marianne Jörnstedt already in 1971 but it was not until 1995 that the two teachers decided to start a company called Insatzia AB. With instant success they sold at Designtorget, Svenska Tenn and exhibitioned at the Technical Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. This product is sold woldwide and they get no credit for this. I was enthusiastic about getting in touch with these great thinkers (2009-2011) and as it turned out FASHION BITCH™ has designed and made the only official update of this wonderful invention (now named Explorer - Handbag Organizer).

Solving problems
It is crazy, the closet situation: space is always a scarce commodity, not finding your fashion favorites and the mind melting moments that come with that situation.

"What am I gonna wear?" is a complex and defiant. With more order and planning this process becomes more fun and saves space!

For who?
For the fashion enthusiastic and the space seeking individuals that often live in the Big City (however closet space always has a tendency to run out, wherever you live!).

We also deliver to companies that enjoy giving employees designed, unique & authentic gifts for Christmas or on other festive / gratitude occasions. Get in touch by email for this option.

Where are your products sold?
Our products have been delivered to closets worldwide: Stockholm Sweden, Copenhagen Denmark, Helsinki Finland, Amsterdam Netherlands, London Great Britain, Paris France, Madrid & Alicante Spain, Berlin & Hamburg Germany, Stavanger & Oslo Norway, Tokyo Japan, New York City USA, Buenos Aires Argentina, São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Santiago Chile and more! We will continue to ship worldwide.

At the moment we supply to a selected number of stores (fashion, design and hardware stores). Our main shop in Stockholm is A Startup Store located at the heart of Stockholm Kulturhuset Sergelstorg, Subway station T-Centralen. If you have a shop and would like to sell our items send an email to

Where do you make and produce products branded FASHION BITCH?
Made in Sweden, the current site of production is located in Sweden.

What kind of responsabilities do you have as a company?
Among our quality management procedures we work according to ISO 9001, all our products are REACH certified, production done localy, focus on sustainabile solutions and we also abide by a Code of Conduct that outlines responsabilies such as honor, ethical and moral codes. To sum this up: Respect :-)


What kind of material is the black, light weight, see-through material?
We use special engineering materials. Materials used in FASHION BITCH™ are chosen to meet qualities of durable, long life, light weight and great strength and reflect a long term commitment in sustainable development. The armourmesh (traditionally used for engineering purposes) originally designed to armor racing boats and racing cars.

Why is your homepage in English and not Swedish?
We are a small company and had to decide which language to use at one point and that goes for the blog as well, although there are some articles that we still write in Swedish because the news is of local nature.

Why don’t you sell fashion garments, fashion accessories or jewellery at
We are currently looking into this. If you are a fashion designer please feel free to contact us. Please write to us and tell us about you and in which faze you are in: getting started, idea stage or already manufactured a collection. Tell us if it is fashion, accessories or other!

About the blog, twitter and facebook activity.
At the moment the blog (not available anymore), twitter and facebook  activity is limited due to heavy workload at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience, for customer service do not hesitate to get in touch:

Who we are
FASHION BITCH™ is a Swedish innovation company founded and run by B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer Maria Hartzell. The company is situated on the island of Lidingö, Sweden, Stockholm archipelago. Our mission is to explore individuality and the creative act that goes along with that.

So let’s make some sense of the madness! The clutter in the closet needs attention and fashion needs to be found! Organize your closet with our closet extensions, fashion organizers, handbag organizers and jewelry display. Organize in your own fashion!

♥ Do get in touch, we like that.

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